1. Natural Essential Oils - How to Use Them

    Natural Essential Oils - How to Use Them

    Essential oils are the steady helpers of nature – used in ancient medicine for centuries, their popularity and function has not changed much since then, and for good reason! All-natural and with a wide variety of uses, we explore how oils can help you achieve balance and create emotional and physical harmony.

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  2. Spirulina Honey Brightening Face Mask

    Spirulina Honey Brightening Face Mask

    The superfood Spirulina is often added to smoothies and juices - we are discovering it as a great addition to our skin care routine. 

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  3. Old school remedies that you should know

    We all like exploring the latest wellness trends but at the end of the day these simple four simple and affordable tricks are your on-the-go-solution…

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  4. Aromatherapy for the rainy season

    The monsoon has almost arrived in South India and with it the rainy days, the gray sky and cold winds. To keep the mood up and the mosquitoes at bay, we have created a small list of useful essential oils for your cupboard.

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  5. Pomegranate Clay Mask - Do It Yourself

    Pomegranate Clay Mask - Do It Yourself

    Is your skin oily and blemished. This clay mask with pomegranate will clean out impurities leaving you feeling refreshed and cleansed. 

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  6. Monsoon Skin Care

    Monsoon Skin Care

    The humidity of the monsoon in India can have a big effect on the facial skin for many of us. We created a skin care routine for the rainy season. 

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  7. Activated Charcoal - and why you should try it.

    We had a closer look at activated charcoal and its benefits. Why you should start including the black powder into your daily beauty routine? We have some good reasons. 

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  8. Keeping Acne At Bay Naturally

    Keeping Acne At Bay Naturally

    Acne is something that nearly each of us has experienced at least once in their lives. To have a clean skin routine that is simple and natural yet efficient is the key...

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  9. Hair Care Lessons

    Hair Care Lessons

    We collected some hair lessons that everyone should know about....

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  10. The right way to shower

    The right way to shower

    You have a proper routine for your facial cleanse but what about your every day shower? We made a little list which will make a difference. 

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