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  1. Balance cycle

    Balance cycle

    One of our favorite products for children is the “wooden balance cycle” from the Auroville Unit Worktree. In this blog article we would like to answer the question: what is a balance cycle? What is the difference to a normal children cycle? And what are the advantages and benefits of your little one riding a balance cycle?

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  2. We got a makeover

    We got a makeover

    We got a makeover! Finally after one year of work we proudly present in a new design with great new features. What is new? What changes? And where all of this will go? 

    Luise, our Marketing lady, will give you an overview of how it started, the long process and how amazingly happy we are now.

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  3. Green goodness smoothie with spirulina

    Green goodness smoothie with spirulina

    We are simply in love with the wonder food Spirulina. It is so easy to stay healthy and fit and get your daily input of nutritions. This smoothie recipe with bananas is easy to make for all our busy bees in the morning. Pure green goodness!

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  4. Spirulina Beauty mask

    Spirulina Beauty mask

    The weekend is here! We have the perfect relaxing mask for you made with Spirulina! Pamper yourself and make your skin glow.

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  5. About Auroville

    About Auroville

    Auroville? What is that actually? The "city of dawn"? Where is that? And what is the difference to other places? You have some questions...we got some answers.

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