Monthly Archives: July 2018

  1. The right way to shower

    The right way to shower

    You have a proper routine for your facial cleanse but what about your every day shower? We made a little list which will make a difference. 

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  2. How to change your gut balance for good

    How to change your gut balance for good

    Keeping our microbiome happy requires more than just popping a health supplement every day - even though that is a good start. We had a closer look at how to maintain a healthy balanced gut flora....

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  3. Maroma - Conscious Beauty Products

    Maroma - Conscious Beauty Products

    Self care is about you and how you treat yourself right, but somehow it doesn’t hurt if the products you are using are doing good for the people who are manufacturing them.

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  4. Meet The Designer: KIMAYA

    Meet The Designer: KIMAYA

    We met the one woman power behind the conscious fashion brand KIMAYA. She told us about her dreams, inspiration and new collection. 

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