1. Meet Luk, Founder of Worktree

    Meet Luk, Founder of Worktree

    The Work Tree is one of the most important ‘pioneer species’ that helped Auroville establish its current forest cover. A very hardy type of acacia, it was able to thrive in the almost barren landscape that Auroville was founded on. More than 50 years later, the Auroville unit Worktree - named after its favourite material - is turning these trees into beautiful handcrafted items. We met up with Luk, who, inspired by this beautiful material, went from Maths teacher to woodworker. 

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  2. Stories of Auroville - Tim

    Stories of Auroville - Tim

    Tim arrived with his family via land in a Range Rover. It simply gave up driving under the Banyan Tree...and then he met Mother and his life changed.

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  3. Stories of Auroville - Frederick

    Stories of Auroville - Frederick

    Frederick, who arrived in Auroville very early, after staying in the Ashram talks about his meetings with the Mother and the impact it had on his life. 

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  4. Stories of Auroville - Judith

    Stories of Auroville - Judith

    Judith came to Auroville by bus via Delhi in 1971. She met Mother. Read about her experience. 

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  5. Stories of Auroville - Thomas

    Stories of Auroville - Thomas

    Thomas met the Mother in the 1970ies and it changed his life. Read his story on how he experienced this encounter. 

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  6. Stories of Auroville - Janaka

    Stories of Auroville - Janaka

    This is the story of Janaka who came to Auroville with one of the famous caravan all the way from Paris in 1969. 

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  7. Stories of Auroville - Janet

    Stories of Auroville - Janet

    Auroville is filled with stories - stories of adventure, finding new ways and some met Mother. 
    Read the story of Janet who arrived in Pondicherry during her travels from Canada. 

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