1. Dr. Be's Ayurvedic Recommendations for the Rainy Season

    Dr. Be's Ayurvedic Recommendations for the Rainy Season

    Monsoon is knocking, or rather pattering on our door! We checked in with Dr Be, our local Ayurvedic doctor, for her tips on how to to stay balanced in the rainy season.

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  2. Natural Essential Oils - How to Use Them

    Natural Essential Oils - How to Use Them

    Essential oils are the steady helpers of nature – used in ancient medicine for centuries, their popularity and function has not changed much since then, and for good reason! All-natural and with a wide variety of uses, we explore how oils can help you achieve balance and create emotional and physical harmony.

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  3. What is Sound Healing? A Short Primer

    What is Sound Healing? A Short Primer

    If you have visited Auroville or have been living here for a while, it’s safe to say you have heard about Svaram, a place where you can discover new types of instruments, learn how to make them, play with sound and also, take part in something called Sound Healing. We realize that to the untrained ear, that last bit might not make much sense! To explain the basics, we have put together a short Primer answering the question - what is Sound Healing?

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  4. Ayurveda in Summer

    Ayurveda in Summer

    We have three recipes which will keep you fresh and happy in the hot season. Easy and fast! 

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  5. Creating your pumpkin roof

    Creating your pumpkin roof

    You have always dreamed about getting your hands dirty in soil by planting your own veggies and fruits? We have an inspiration for you to take the step to plant those pots. 

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  6. Recipe: Ayurveda Shakti Rose Latte

    Do you want to balance your shakti energy? Have a look at our recipe for a rose latte for a relaxing experience. 

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  7. Recipe: Energy Bites

    These simple and delicious energy bites will bring you through the afternoon lump, when the body craves for something to munch on...(they are also healthy!) 

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  8. Pomegranate Clay Mask - Do It Yourself

    Pomegranate Clay Mask - Do It Yourself

    Is your skin oily and blemished. This clay mask with pomegranate will clean out impurities leaving you feeling refreshed and cleansed. 

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  9. The right way to shower

    The right way to shower

    You have a proper routine for your facial cleanse but what about your every day shower? We made a little list which will make a difference. 

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  10. Super Fast Spirulina Mask

    Super Fast Spirulina Mask

    Spirulina is a green superfood that not only supports your well-being when taken but also applied on the skin. We have a super simple DIY mask, which will leave you refreshed and glowing.

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