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  1. Rewind between the years

    How about some free self-cae at the end of the year? 

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  2. Everyday Superfoods For A Small Budget

    Everyday Superfoods For A Small Budget

    Wellness and a balanced lifestyle is available for everyone - one doesn't necessarily needs a big budget. We're breaking down a few of the best budget superfoods to mix into your usual routine...

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  3. Visiting Auroville - Ideas for more than a day trip

    Auroville has many small-town charms, ones that can’t be enjoyed in just a short day. Tourists often breeze through the city, only getting a fast look at the sites. However, with many things to do and see, it deserves more than just a passing glance. We collected a list of places to see when visiting Auroville. 

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  4. Aromatherapy for the rainy season

    The monsoon has almost arrived in South India and with it the rainy days, the gray sky and cold winds. To keep the mood up and the mosquitoes at bay, we have created a small list of useful essential oils for your cupboard.

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  5. A World Full Of Plastic

    A World Full Of Plastic

    Our every day life is filled with plastic. Making a step towards change is difficult and almost seems like it will not make a difference. If we however all make a change together the impact will be huge. We collected some suggestions of changes that each us can do, because there is no planet b. 

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