Instead of rushing through it, finish the last week of 2018 with some relaxation. Take a moment for yourself each day, because self care goes a long way.  Remember; the time you spend on yourself is not selfish. Rather, it allows you to function at a higher level, and helps you give yourself fully to each situation.

Go for a walk.
Getting some fresh air and going for a short walk is a wonderful way to clear your head. Even a short, ten -minute walk can boost your mood and increase your energy.

Make a cozy drink.
A warm beverage like tea or lemon water in the afternoon is an easy way to hit the reset button. Use it as a reminder to slow down and to refill your cup. Don’t go crazy with the caffeine.

Do a simple yoga pose; legs to the wall.
This yoga pose helps to gently direct blood circulation towards your upper body and head, which will help you chill after standing up or sitting for a long time. It triggers a relaxation response in your body that helps to reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia. Start by sitting with one hip close to the wall. Carefully walk your feet up to the wall until your body is somewhat of an L shaped position. With your back on the floor let your arms rest on your belly or out to the sides. Stay there for at least 5 minutes focusing on your breath.

Call a friend.
When was the last time you called a friend or family member to simply chat? Taking the time to actually listen to one another can be extremely therapeutic. It is more meaningful than a text or connecting over social media. It is not only good for you, but does the same for the person on the other end.

Listen to music.
Play something you like, or discover new music. Get lost in the beat and be in the moment. Don’t be afraid to laugh, cry or just lean back. This tuning out can pull your emotions forward and help you understand what you need.

Creating calm in the midst of the craziness can help you feel less overwhelmed. The simple act of organizing makes your home a more relaxing environment. A simple 15 minutes will be enough to clean up a small space in your home.

All the self care exercises should be practiced with your phone in “do-not-disturb-mode”.