Monthly Archives: February 2018

  1. Mother's Birthday - Impressions of the Morning Meditation

    Mother's Birthday - Impressions of the Morning Meditation

    Impresions of the morning meditation on the 21st of February for Mother's Birthday. 

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  2. Candle Exhibition - Maroma

    Candle Exhibition - Maroma

    We visited the candle exhibition of Maroma. 

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  3. Auroville Marathon - 2018

    Auroville Marathon - 2018

    We visited the Auroville Marathon. Have a look at the impression we took home. 

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  4. The Mother

    The Mother

    Have you come across the picture of a kind looking elderly woman in Auroville? Or people talking about 'the Mother'? Well, who is that? We got some answers.

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  5. Sri Aurobindo

    Sri Aurobindo

    Brilliant scholar, revolutionary, spiritual visionary -- Sri Aurobindo's world-view gives each individual a meaningful place in a progressive cosmic unfolding and casts our understanding of human endeavour in a new and purposeful perspective. Who was this man?

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