Monthly Archives: March 2018

  1. Meet The Unit: Svaram

    Meet The Unit: Svaram

    We met Aurelio the head of the Auroville Unit Svaram, which crafts instruments and does research in the field of sound healing. 

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  2. Meet The Designer: Esendi

    Meet The Designer: Esendi

    We met Suhasini, the designer and founder of Esendi Beachwear. 

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  3. Meet The Makers: La Ferme Cheese

    Meet The Makers: La Ferme Cheese

    We met Benny and Arumugam at their production Unit La Ferme Cheese, where they craft cheese by hand and take care of all their lovely animals. 

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  4. Auroville 50th Anniversary

    Auroville 50th Anniversary

    Some impressions of this years special Birthday bonfire. 

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