1. Oil Pulling - A Natural Solution For Healthy Teeth and Gums

    “Oil Pulling” is an age-old ayurvedic technique which helps maintain oral hygiene and dental health. It is a method which involves swishing oil in one’s mouth for up to twenty minutes. The most popular oil is coconut oil, but other oils such as sunflower, sesame, olive and palm can be used as well. It is said to have many benefits, including its ability to “pull” bacteria from the mouth. Other advantages include:

    -       Moisturisation of the gums, promoting salivation (which also reduces bacteria)
    -       Reduction of inflammation
    -       Whitening of teeth
    -       Removal of bad breath
    -       Prevention of cavities and plaque buildup, as well as bleeding gums
    -       Strengthening of teeth and gums
    -       Relief from chapped lips and dry throat

    These benefits sound pretty good to us! Here is an easy method with which to practice oil pulling. For a great, organic coconut oil, you could use the organic

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  2. Recipe: Ayurveda Shakti Rose Latte

    Do you want to balance your shakti energy? Have a look at our recipe for a rose latte for a relaxing experience. 

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  3. Spirulina Honey Brightening Face Mask

    Spirulina Honey Brightening Face Mask

    The superfood Spirulina is often added to smoothies and juices - we are discovering it as a great addition to our skin care routine. 

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  4. Old school remedies that you should know

    We all like exploring the latest wellness trends but at the end of the day these simple four simple and affordable tricks are your on-the-go-solution…

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  5. Learn how to use Turmeric daily

    Learn how to use Turmeric daily

    Turmeric is trending – the ancient root has finally arrived in the shelves of superfoods. Learn how to use Turmeric daily with these simple four tricks!

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  6. Recommendations for a healthy spring with Ayurveda

    Recommendations for a healthy spring with Ayurveda

    The sun is coming back to the northern hemisphere; Ayurveda calls this period: Adaana Kaala. It is known as the period that takes away the strength, the sun becomes stronger and month after month it slowly drains the energy from the body. Dr. Bee from the Sante health clinic in Auroville gives some tips on how to stay balanced and healthy this season. 

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  7. Rewind between the years

    How about some free self-cae at the end of the year? 

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  8. Everyday Superfoods For A Small Budget

    Everyday Superfoods For A Small Budget

    Wellness and a balanced lifestyle is available for everyone - one doesn't necessarily needs a big budget. We're breaking down a few of the best budget superfoods to mix into your usual routine...

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  9. Aromatherapy for the rainy season

    The monsoon has almost arrived in South India and with it the rainy days, the gray sky and cold winds. To keep the mood up and the mosquitoes at bay, we have created a small list of useful essential oils for your cupboard.

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  10. Monsoon Skin Care

    Monsoon Skin Care

    The humidity of the monsoon in India can have a big effect on the facial skin for many of us. We created a skin care routine for the rainy season. 

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