Meet Auroville: Aqua Dyn

In light of Chennai’s major ongoing water crisis, here is an edited extract of the story ‘The Secrets of Water’, drawn from ‘ Auroville, Smart City of Another Kind’.

Aqua Dyn is a small company near the village of Kuyilapalayam. It is a place where serious research is going on: on the relationship between water and health. In front of Aqua Dyn, villagers crowd around the fountain. The water that comes out of it is perfectly purified (a gift from heaven for all those who don’t have a water purifier at home), and has other qualities as well. Aqua Dyn employs about twenty people as well as four Aurovilians. The driving force of the company is Bhagwandas, Aurovilian from the beginning, passionate about exploring the mystery of water. The philosophy of Aqua Dyn has been the search of a relationship between water and health. It aims to develop products for giving drinking water the same qualities as mountain water.

Bhagwandas likes to quote biochemist Albert Sentz-Gyorgyi, who says “Life is water dancing to the melody of solids”. Everyone knows that water is made of two molecules (H2, O). The bond that links the hydrogen and oxygen molecules allows the water molecule to go from a gasceous to liquid state. This process is still very mysterious, and it is this world of energy and vibration which is the subject of Aqua Dyn’s fundamental research. “One day we will have waters of Youth which will allow us to live three-hundred years!” says Bhagwandas. “We are only at the beginning of the discovery of the secret of life, and water is a perfect field of reasearch.

Until now, people were mainly concerned about whether water was good to drink. But Bhagwandas considered that this was not enough. He wanted to offer what Aqua Dyn calls dynamised water, which helps in improving one’s health and getting one’s immune system strengthened. Purifying water is a must, but Aqua Dyn goes beyond that, and restores water to its vital element. This is the main innovation of Aqua Dyn. Their fountains purify and bio-energise the water, thus bringing about a deep cellular hydration and physical well being.

The Aqua Dyn fountains can be controlled remotely via the Internet. So Aqua Dyn can check from Auroville whether their machines in Hyderabad are functioning. Aqua Dyn puts and end to the pollution of plastic water bottles and their transport. The water itself is much cheaper than bottled water, and the fountains have a life of at least ten years. Between its fountain in Kuyilapalayam and the machine at the Auroville Visitors Centre, about 30,000 liters of purified and energized water are distributed free of cost.

Bhagwandas’ inshakeable conviction and his perseverance have always kept the Aqua Dyn ship afloat. As he says himself, “Here I have the responsibility to keep faith”.