Monthly Archives: August 2019

  1. Architecture in Auroville

    Architecture in Auroville

    The dream of building a new city for the future on a clean slate, with the purpose of promoting research and experimentation alongside integral development, has been attracting architects and students of architecture from all over the world ever since Auroville´s inception in 1968. Not having pre-defined by-laws or being bound by the conventions of human society has allowed a multitude of expressions to manifest in the course of Auroville´s development, as natural extensions of the quest for the new. 

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  2. Ayurveda in Summer

    Ayurveda in Summer

    We have three recipes which will keep you fresh and happy in the hot season. Easy and fast! 

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  3. Creating your pumpkin roof

    Creating your pumpkin roof

    You have always dreamed about getting your hands dirty in soil by planting your own veggies and fruits? We have an inspiration for you to take the step to plant those pots. 

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