Svaram is Tuning In to the Planets

We are happy to report that the COVID-lockdown has also had a few positive effects – for example, it has been a hugely creative period for the team at Svaram, Auroville’s instrument-makers. Since many years, Svaram has been at the forefront of ‘sound healing’, a practice that turns sound into a medicine for body and spirit. With their latest work, they are focusing on helping us tune in to the planets. 

Sounds for the Starry-eyed

All over the world, humans have looked up at the starry night sky and lived a similar experience – a sense of mystery, of vastness. In many ancient traditions, the location of the planets and stars are considered important markers that can influence the grand course of history and the small story of each individual born on our little planet. The mythologies around the different planets of our solar system give each its own energy and flavour, now deeply rooted in many cultures across the globe. You might not be surprised to hear people talk about the powerful presence of Mars, the emotional side of the Moon, and the agile movements of Mercury.

Svaram has now captured these energies through their favourite medium – sound. While it might be hard to imagine, every planet also has its own frequency, as already described by the great Greek thinker Pythagoras:

Each celestial body, in fact each and every atom, produces a particular sound on account of its movement, its rhythm or vibration.

All these sounds and vibrations form a universal harmony in which each element, while having its own function and character, contributes to the whole.

While the scientific process behind it is a bit hard for us to unravel – for those interested, please check out their extensive brochure – our simplest version is this: Svaram is capturing the cosmic frequencies of the planets. This is done by calculating the periodic averages of their orbit around our solar system and transposing them into frequencies that our brain can detect. This brings the energy of those planets to our environment in a stronger dosage – and allows us to explore the different characteristics and flavours as they resonate in our own bodies. 

Milky Way

Healing through Space 

In sound healing, a lot of the work is done through engaging with certain frequencies while carrying a clear intention – although there is also space for a more passive approach, as you can read in our article on sound healing. The invitation is to engage with Svaram’s beautiful instruments, aptly called ‘Orbits’, in whatever way makes sense to you – listen, tune in, explore, hum, sing, and move with the vibrations. Following your intuition, all the while holding on to the intention of healing and rebalancing, will help you to reconnect to your own inner vastness as it is reflected in our Universe. 

The instruments are specifically designed to tap into three different types of brain waves:

The smaller, high-pitched Soundships stimulate the realm of the Beta waves, which are associated with normal waking consciousness.

The bigger Sound Bridges work on the Alpha waves, which come up during wakeful relaxation with closed eyes, inviting you more into a more dreamy state.

The large Sound Elliptics evoke the Theta waves, which are associated with meditative and highly relaxed states of consciousness.

If you want to see and hear the difference between these three, Svaram has made a short video demonstrating each, which you can find here.

Choosing your Frequency

So what does each planet stand for, and how do you know which one to explore? For every planet, we give you a sense of the characteristics, and include its ‘affirmation’. An affirmation is basically any little positive sentence that you can say to yourself to open the door of your subconscious to a different reality, rather than the one that your mind is living in by habit. In the case of these affirmations, they show the character and energy of a specific planet, and can be used to rebalance an aspect of your life that is not fully nurtured. For example, if you are feeling insecure, Mars’ affirmation of “I am strong and full of courage. I have nothing to fear" can help you to reconnect to your inner strength. In short, if the affirmation speaks to what you are struggling with, that is a good sign that you need to engage with that frequency.

Check out this nifty little overview to give you a sense of what the different planets stand for, and who knows – perhaps one of them resonates! 

Planetary Frequencies