1. The Mother - Significance of Flowers

    The Mother - Significance of Flowers

    The Mother, spiritual guide and creator of Auroville, spent quite some time contemplating the essential nature of different flowers and trees, assigning them names to represent their deeper significance. This article explores Mother’s meaning of flowers and her special relationship to the natural world. 

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  2. Meet Luk, Founder of Worktree

    Meet Luk, Founder of Worktree

    The Work Tree is one of the most important ‘pioneer species’ that helped Auroville establish its current forest cover. A very hardy type of acacia, it was able to thrive in the almost barren landscape that Auroville was founded on. More than 50 years later, the Auroville unit Worktree - named after its favourite material - is turning these trees into beautiful handcrafted items. We met up with Luk, who, inspired by this beautiful material, went from Maths teacher to woodworker. 

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  3. Svaram is Tuning In to the Planets

    Svaram is Tuning In to the Planets

    We are happy to report that the COVID-lockdown has also had a few positive effects – for example, it has been a hugely creative period for the team at Svaram, Auroville’s instrument-makers. Since many years, Svaram has been at the forefront of ‘sound healing’, a practice that turns sound into a medicine for body and spirit. With their latest work, they are focusing on helping us tune in to the planets. 

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  4. What is Sound Healing? A Short Primer

    What is Sound Healing? A Short Primer

    If you have visited Auroville or have been living here for a while, it’s safe to say you have heard about Svaram, a place where you can discover new types of instruments, learn how to make them, play with sound and also, take part in something called Sound Healing. We realize that to the untrained ear, that last bit might not make much sense! To explain the basics, we have put together a short Primer answering the question - what is Sound Healing?

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  5. Meet Aurelio, the Founder of Svaram

    Meet Aurelio, the Founder of Svaram

    We met with Aurelio, the head of Svaram, where him and his skilled crafts(wo)men create innovative instruments and do research in the field of sound healing.

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  6. Guest Houses of Auroville

    Are you planning to visit Auroville? We collected some of our favorite guest houses where you can spend the night. 

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  7. Volunteering in Auroville

    Volunteering in Auroville

    Are you interested in Volunteering in Auroville? We collected some facts and contacts that will get you there…read on!

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  8. Behind the Microphone: Auroville Radio

    Behind the Microphone: Auroville Radio

    We met the couple power behind the Auroville Radio, usually the people covering other people of Auroville. They shared with us their passion, challenges and their long term vision. Read the interview here. 

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  9. Meet Adil Writer, Ceramic Artist

    Meet Adil Writer, Ceramic Artist

    We met up with the famous potter Adil Writer who runs his own art studio as well as Mandala Pottery. He talked with us about his journey, inspiration and pottery in Auroville. 

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  10. Art For Land

    Art For Land

    The exhibition Art For Land Auroville was recently inagurated by Kiran Bedi, the current Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry. Have a glimpse at the exhibition and find out how you can participate. 

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