Behind the Microphone: Auroville Radio

Stefano is an Italian Videomaker, Sound Engineer, Audio & Video Content Producer and responsible for the maintenance of running Auroville Radio, its office and equipment. Nadia, his wife and also from Italy, is in charge of Team Management as well as Content Production. Since 2017, they have dedicated their energy to ensure that the archiving of the content produced may become a tool for us all to use. This service takes shape as “produced programs that foster communication, regardless of cultural differences within Auroville, and to serve as a bridge of communication between Auroville, the surrounding villages and the world”.

Initiated by Andrea Tazzari in 2004, Auroville Radio TV has, with the assistance of many volunteers, consultants, supporters and donors created a volume of archived audio and video material. Today, the small team has had to put the brakes on the quantity of material archived and focus on its quality. This is mainly due to the fact that changing the Auroville Radio TV server from Germany to the local Aurinoco infrastructure has limited the amount of data which can be uploaded. “It would be great to have video streaming of events” says Stefano but it is not an option at this moment. Imagine one day when public spaces in Auroville can tune into Auroville Radio TV and concurrent live streaming from a jam-packed concert can be diffused for all those who could not make it? Now that’s inspiring! For now, “we would like it very much if local cafes and restaurant can tune into and play the Auroville Radio TV programs” says Stefano. After all, it would be a great way to bring us closer and listen to each other on topics that concern us all.

Although video production has gone a bit dormant temporarily due to lack of human resources and bandwidth, they are meeting this challenge by continuing to record musical events, community meetings and turning these vital archived recordings into quality production material. 

With only one Auroville maintenance available for this essential service, Auroville Radio TV will have to slowly grow organically. The only way it can pick up momentum is if people come forward and produce content. “We would love to have more people come forward with content to share and grow Auroville Radio TV” says Nadia. In her role as facilitator, networker, multi-discipline human resources coordinator and content producer, Nadia is the glue that keeps the show organized and going. Training residents to use the equipment and safe recording studio practices have allowed youth to step forward and use the radio. It is inspiring to hear Auroville youth create content and develop a radio program like Aura Talks, giving a voice to issues from economy to spirituality. Auroville residents, inspired by their passion have come forth to produce audio content on music, Yoga Nidra and weekly readings of works written by Sri Aurobindo and Mother.

What if we have a Vocational Training program to teach more people how to use the equipment and create content for Auroville Radio TV? We will certainly hear more voices and thus have a chance to address common critical issues we face in our community and in the bioregion…like water or lack thereof.

If you have a show you would like to do with Auroville Radio TV, please get in touch with Nadia or Stefano e-mail: for more information.  The Vision of Auroville Radio TV “invites the involvement of all people interested in the project of exploring, developing communication and creating valuable content, to connect and link between different cultures”. Your voice matters!

Tune into Auroville Radio TV by going to