Monthly Archives: October 2017

  1. Tamarind Bakery

    Tamarind Bakery

    Community, Wholesomeness, Connection. We took a trip into the jungle and visited Tamar, the founder of Tamarind Bakery, to discover the story behind the delicious cookies. 

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  2. Why you need Wheatgrass

    Why you need Wheatgrass

    One of the latest health trends is Wheatgrass, more-or-less health obsessed people drink so called Wheatgrass shots that are supposed to bring overall health for head-to-toe beauty.

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  3. Cleaning in tune with nature

    Cleaning in tune with nature

    How to make the switch? We have some simple tips to stay green even while cleaning....

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  4. Resonating the soul

    Resonating the soul

    “The role of music consists in helping the consciousness to rise towards spiritual heights.” - The Mother

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