Resonating the soul

Russian singing bells have a unique, pure and powerful sound. They are used for meditation, concentration and the widening of consciousness. In many cultures their sound is seen as sacred, because of their long resonating harmonious vibrations. These sounds evoke a feeling of peace in the heart and mind.

The Russian Singing Bells were invented by Alexander Zhikhatev in 15 years of research in Russia. The bells are a set of brass plates hanging on a wooden stand played by mallets. It creates a harmoniously resonating vibration field. The Russian Singing bells came to Auroville in December 2007 since then weekly sessions were organized by Vera Lipen, the initiator of the project. She plays them for collective meditations and events in Auroville.

The instruments can be played by a single or multiple players. Rhythms and melodies that come out of these explorations are mostly spontaneous. During the open sessions more than thousand people from many countries have had the experience of inner tuning and connection through sound.

To listen to the Russian Singing Bells played by Vera Lipen at home for meditation or Yoga please have a look at our collection of CD’s. 

Russian singing bells CD     Russian singing bells CD