Why you need Wheatgrass

So what is it about this grass that makes everyone go green? Wheatgrass is an excellent source of chlorophyll, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E furthermore it contains calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium as well as 19 amino acids.

Chlorophyll makes up 70% of the plant – in humans it can reverse aging, suppress hunger, cleanse the blood and has been linked to cancer prevention.

But be careful – it is powerful stuff. If you detox too quickly you can experience side effects like headache, fatigue and nausea. Always consume it on an empty stomach or with other fruits and vegetables. It should not be consumed after a meal. Also young children, pregnant women and elderly people should consult their doctors before adding wheatgrass into their diet.

So what can Wheatgrass do for you?

1. Lose weight and reduce your food cravings. Wheatgrass is loaded with so many nutrition that your body isn’t lusting for other foods to compensate for any lack of Vitamins or minerals.

2. Detox your cells. Wheatgrass is highly alkaline and high in nutrition, making it perfect for detox. Nutritionists agree that by having an alkaline diet we end up eating in a healthier fashion.

3. Improve immunity. Wheatgrass has the potential to increase red blood cells in the body, making it an excellent immune booster. Have some Wheatgrass when you feel that a cold, the flu or an infection is on the way.

4. Improve digestion. Wheatgrass contains a great deal of fiber and B complex vitamins which boosts the function of the muscles and digestive system.

These are the points that struck me, but of course there are many other benefits including reduced fatigue, liver cleanse, removal of hangover symptoms and so on.

Wheatgrass        Organic Wheatgrass

How to consume it? The best way is to have it as close to its natural state as possible. That means drinking wheatgrass juice, in so called shots, would be preferable to tablet and powder forms.

There is no way I have time to grow, harvest and process fresh Wheatgrass, therefore I started taking Wheatgrass tablets. The tablets from Aurospirul are organic, non-GMO, vegan and gluten free. The Wheatgrass is sun dried and therefore a raw product packed with everything nature has to offer.

Do you have experience with taking Wheatgrass? How do you like it? What is your favorite natural supplement you cannot miss?