1. Mindfulness Notebook For You

    Mindfulness Notebook For You

    There is a difference in knowing the path and actually walking it. This is a lovely saying especially in connection with mindfulness, taking a break and living in the moment.
    To start every day with a mindful pause maybe five minutes, maybe two – at least to begin somewhere. You can take a long breath, write down what is happening inside you or simply try to free your mind. 
    We have received so much lovely feedback for our little series that we want to end it with something practical – something you can take along – to become more conscious and aware.

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  2. Why Is The Doing Often So Much More Important Than The Being?

    Why Is The Doing Often So Much More Important Than The Being?

    We tend to have such a hard time to concentrate on the present moment, appreciating what we have and taking time for ourselves to simply be. 
    We have put together a little diary for one week to help you be more present and aware. 

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  3. Why Do We Want To Be Constantly Happy?

    Why Do We Want To Be Constantly Happy?

    We are sharing with you some inspiration on the question 'why do we want to be constantly happy?'. Gratefulness is a powerful energy and needed especially in challenging times like this. We hope that we can help you to see the small beautiful things that you have in your life already. 

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  4. Why Are We So Afraid Of What Is New?

    Why Are We So Afraid Of What Is New?

    Our every day life is filled with habits and automated reactions. We are often not present and miss opportunities for taking a leap, even just a small one. 
    Evaluating where we stand, what we are comfortable with as well as what we would like to do but still are afraid of can be helpful to making changes. 
    We have put together two small exercises to exploring your comfort zone for making a change. 

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  5. Being Kinder With Yourself

    Being Kinder With Yourself

    Why are we so often so harsh on ourselves when we are so understanding with the people around us?
    Why are our own inner critical voices the ones that are often the loudest?
    In challenging times like this filled with much anxiety and unknown situations we have to look after ourselves more than ever. 
    We have put together some tips and exercises on how to start being kinder and  more compassionate with your inner being. 

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  6. Making Time And Space For Finding Calmness

    Making Time And Space For Finding Calmness

    Most of us have more time than ever, being safe at home. This can be a time to breathe and reflect on how we usually handle time and making space for ourselves in between the running in autopilot-modus. 
    This exercise is something to become part of your daily routine, so start practicing right now as there will be no time pressure at the moment :) 

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  7. Meditation Tutorial

    Meditation Tutorial

    We are facing times when the world around us seems suddenly unstable and we are united in anxiety. During such times to stay calm and centered seems harden than ever, yet it has never been so important.  Each of us should give ourselves the space and time to practice strategies of serenity.

    Weare sharing some ideas, exercises and little challenges with you that we hope will be of help to you to stay calm and balanced as well as acknowledge your anxiety. The first one is about meditation. 

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