Art For Land

Art for Land – for the City of Dawn is a collaborative action of Aurovilians and friends of Auroville to raise funds for purchasing the still-missing lands of Auroville’s designated Master Plan area. It is organized by Auroville’s Unity Pavilion and the Auroville Arts Service in association with the Acres for Auroville land campaign.It was inagurated by Kiran Bedi, the current Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry.

Over 90 Artists from Auroville, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the worldwide centers of Auroville International, and from all over India, have generously donated their works in several media – paintings, sculptures, ceramics, prints, glassware, jewelry and photographs. Several of the contributing artists are widely recognized in India and abroad.

In an action of flowing generosity, Auroville’s friends can then make a donation to Art for Land and receive an artwork from this special collection of beautiful creations. Works are distributed by making a reservation at the Unity Pavilion or via this website’s reservation system (for all the artworks and more details have a look here).

All contributions are offerings towards a greater purpose and a shared cause – purchase of the missing plots of the City of Dawn’s designated land base!