Afsanah Guest House is a beautifully maintained property that will transport you into a quiet, professional and blissful atmosphere. The cottages are well kept; rooms have AC, hot water, internet and patrons have access to the luxurious swimming pool. Minimum stay is one night which includes breakfast while dinner is served at additional cost.  A cottage for two people will run you 6,600 INR per night…well worth the experience!

Afsanah Guest House Auroville

Center Guest House is the oldest guest house in Auroville. It is centrally located and its friendly atmosphere provides a relaxed atmosphere from which to explore. There are a variety of rooms available to choose from. Minimum stay is two nights but the room fee includes breakfast, dinner, laundry, use of a cycle and tea/coffee during the day. A double room without AC will run you 7,200 INR  for two nights, so if you feel like exploring Auroville on cycle or foot, Center Guest House is quite ideal.

Center Guest House

Auromode Apartments are fully furnished so that you may feel at home. The complex has a business center, a yoga hall, a multimedia room and a common Reception area with internet. It has a lovely contained children’s playground which makes ideal for travelling families, especially since baby-sitting and nanny services may be booked in advance. Cycles, mopeds or even cars are available for daily, weekly or monthly rent. An apartment with two beds with AC will run you 2,500 INR per night. If you are looking for an independent setting with all its amenities, Auromode Apartments Auroville is for you.

Tanto Far Beach Retreat is a lovely complex of rooms, cottages and villas at your service. The eight acre property has direct access to 350 meters facing the Bay of Bengal. There is a lovely chlorine free swimming pool, a multi media hall, yoga classes, an authentic Italian restaurant and a spacious and fun kids playground! Minimum stay is one night, breakfast included. The price of a Superior Sea view AC double room with kitchenette will run you 3500 INR (GST not included). Guests who want to enjoy the ocean on their own or book a family excursion will find Tanto Far Beach Retreat a convenient and delightful experience!

Tanto Far Beach Resort

Sharnga Guest House is a quaint and central property that boasts a jungle lush-like greenery, friendly farm animals and lovely aquariums. Minimal stay is one night which includes a buffet breakfast, scheduled dinner, laundry and upgraded comfortable mattresses! Sharnga Guest House has a small refreshing pool, a yoga hall, a multimedia lounge, a gym, a massage room and the H2H stable. One night for a double room will run 2,300 INR including GST and Auroville Contribution.

Sharnga Guest House