Auroville Marathon - 2018

It was again a beautiful event, with so many participants both running and cheering. There was a 10km, half and of course the full Marathon as well as a run for the children. The full Marathon started as early as 5 am in the morning, equipped with headlamps and various helpers and supporters on cycles. Like every year the group of Svaram was present drumming and cheering for the runners, giving them energy, we even spotted some serious dance moves in the arrival field. 
This event is only made possible with many Volunteers, who massage, make juice, give out medals, entertain, show the way and so much more. So if you are a runner we can only recommend this great event filled with joy and a beautiful spirit of being with oneself while running with a group of people. 
Admissions for the Marathon in 2019 will be announced. Otherwise have a look at our pictures who were taken by Roger Toll (, a professional who kindly shared these beautiful pictures. 

The Route

Cheering on the site

Running in the Morning   Svaram chering on the site

Dance in the finish line

The Finish Line

The Joy of Running with Friends

Group Picture!