The right way to shower

Of course we all know how to properly shower with years of daily practice, however same as with your facial skin care routine for morning and evening the order in which showering products can make a huge difference.

Set the temperature.
If you are lucky enough to have a water heater (yes in Auroville bucket showers still exist) be mindful to set the temperature. You don’t want extra hot water, it can burn your skin, so best to stick to lukewarm water. If you feel like playing around with the temperature go for it, just stay at or under room temperature.

Remove make-up.
You can skip this step in your morning routine, but if you jump into your shower make sure you remove your make up of the day. The warm water will open your pores and soften the skin, so that they are clean and are able to breathe.

Relax for a while.
The more time you spend under the warm water the more it will dry out your skin, however 30 seconds will do no harm. The water has great de-stressing powers and furthermore products like shampoo and conditioner work best on fully wet hair. And in case you are planning to shave the water will help to soften the skin and hair.

Hair Care
One doesn’t need to shampoo and condition their hair every time one goes under the shower, it’s basically up to each of us. When you treat your hair apply the conditioner from top to bottom to give the conditioner time to sit on your scalp and do its magic. It will also ensure that everything will be washed out, so that no product stays behind.

Exfoliate and shave
If you want to shave do it at this point, while your conditioner is sinking into your follicles. Exfoliate your legs and the rest of the body if you feel like it and get to work with your razor. The time you spend in the shower already should have softened the hair and made it less likely to go against the blade

Wash your body
To wash your body at the end of the shower ritual is very important since specific hair care products are filled with silicones and heavy oils that might be good to repair your damaged hair but not good at keeping your skin blemish free. So soap your body and rinse thoroughly  to ensure that no hair care product is left.

Face Care
Finish your shower routine with a foam cleanse to really remove all the remnants of the day but also the hair care products. Just like for your body make sure that no heavy oils and silicones mess with your facial skin.