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Self care is about you and how you treat yourself right, but somehow it doesn’t hurt if the products you are using are doing good for the people who are manufacturing them. To buy products that make you feel good and healthy and also have an impact on the lives of those involved is simply great.

Maroma just celebrated their 40th anniversary working with women of the surrounding villages of Auroville since the beginning. They started with hand rolled natural incense sticks in a small mud hut, today they are the largest employer of Auroville giving 40% of their profits to Auroville.
They have a lovely assortment of self-care products and home fragrance lines with a great mission to empower their staff to develop their skills and give them a job in return which makes them financially independent and sociably stable.

With a mission like this it would be easy to let the quality of their products take a backseat to everything else, but not Maroma.
We had a look at our all time favorites.

Healing oils
If natural is the new healer consider Maroma’s pulse points as the next best thing. By using the powerful properties of essential oils, these plants based blends deliver beautiful healing scents. Morning, noon or night, apply one on your pulse points breathe and let them do their magic.

Meditation – Soft and earthy, mediation is relaxation in a bottle. When things get crazy and you need a peaceful moment for yourself let the combination of sandal, lemon and basil get to work, while cedar wood and patchouli trigger the release of these feel good hormones to make your brain happy.

New Energy – Do you need a little pick me up? Try inhaling the scent on your wrist after applying new energy, which is an impressive blend of lemon, orange, peppermint and lavender. Designed to increase circulation, to lift your mood and of course to improve your energy.

Quiet Mind – This unique blend of powerful oils like lavender, vetiver, myrrh, patchouli and jasmine absolute may boost energy, cleans toxins and calms the nervous system.

Pulse Points Maroma

Natural Bug Spray
Though it is not an everyday product insect repellant is one of these things that we easily forget about, until you are being eaten alive by bugs on a warm summer nights. And even if you remember to protect yourself the conventional bug spray is not one of our favorites. Of course the widely known scent of citronella is always a good-to-go-with; however the strong scent can be replaced with something lighter and more effective.

Why not reach for something more pleasant? Maroma offers a small range of body sprays, gel and lotions that are a unique combination of 15 essential oils and one natural main scent (lavender/lemongrass/sandalwood). They are not only DEET-free but also skin friendly and not harmful to the environment.

Colibri Line Maroma

Have you used any of the products we are sharing about? We are curious to hear your feedback.