Hair Care Lessons

If you are like the usual normal person you spend quite some time complaining about your hair. We all know it: anyone with natural straight hair wants curls, the ones that have curly hair would do anything for straight tresses. Brunettes who want to be blondes who want to be redheads who all want to be incredible maned beauties. If you decide to chop it off you want it growing back as fast as possible, if it is long you’re probably thinking about cutting it short. The crazy thick ponytail people complain about their heavy and uncombable hair that the thin haired ones long for. Somehow we always complain about it – in one way or the other.

However our hair is our best accessory, whether you quickly put it up, have it loose or get a quick bang trim you can very quickly transform your look without any effort. So it is time to stop complaining and to embrace it as something beautiful that is part of each of us.
Taking good care of your hair is part of embracing it.

Your scalp doesn’t need to be perfectly clean all the time.
As a general rule hair should only be washed when needed. If you feel that washing it every single day then that’s fine but it is no rule. It’s totally your call, some people go one week without the feeling to need to wash their hair.

If you wash….
Do it in the right way, making sure that your scalp and hair get what they need. First of all: you need very little product. A little dollop rubbed between your palms will do the trick. Work it gently into your scalp and hair (the tips don’t need much) and rinse. Remember to use green shampoo that is gentle and lightweight not those harsh chemicals that artificially foam up and strip down all your natural hair oils.

Shampoo    hair oil

And condition it.
What goes well with shampoo? Conditioner. A lot of people skip this step thinking that it is overrated and not needed. By shampooing your hair (even with all natural products) one takes away some necessary oils leaving the hair in need of moisturizer, this is where the conditioner comes in. Most of us condition wrong. First of all a pea size amount is enough and in terms of placement it should not go close to the scalp. Focus on the bottom half of your hair otherwise it is going to weigh your hair down making it flat and heavy.

Go for oil.
Of course nobody wants an oily scalp but you shouldn’t fear the hydration of oils in your hair care routine. A lightweight blend like the Maroma hair oil can be like a miracle to stressed hay like hair.

Love your scalp.
Do you want longer healthier hair? Then start with your scalp. Think of it as what the soil is to a plant, the nourishing base that is needed. So treat your scalp like you treat the rest of your skin with love and dedication. Gently exfoliate from time to time, massage it for stimulation and blood flow. It needs attention, don’t disregard it.

Hair care set]   Charcoal Hair Care set    

Don’t ignore the ends.
Dry dead and split ends are an obvious sign of unhappy hair. Caused by overuse of heat, stress or over-washing hair splits are not a pretty thing to have giving dull, less voluminous and tangled hair.
So what to do? Don’t forget your conditioner and invest into a hair oil.

How do you give love to your hair? We are curious to hear about your tricks.