Monsoon Skin Care

The rains can be tough on our skin, be assured  you are not the only one. A couple of months back the weather was dry and hot but the skin behaves when one applies serums and moisturizers. With the humidity everything changes. So instead of layering products it is best to cut down on the moisturizers but to double the cleaning, the lighter the better. Have a look below what works for us in monsoon.

Double cleanse, especially in the evenings. In the morning lighter neroli foam wash will leave your skin squeaking clean but not dried out. In the evening start with the face wash powder by Maroma which enhances the skin toning and acts as a natural antiseptic. Your facial skin will feel less oily and sticky.Neroli Face Wash    Face Wash Powder

Lips and eyes: No matter what your facial skin might look like make sure to nourish your eyes and lips. We use the lip balm from Maroma which is natural beewax blended with essential oils. For your under eye care we recommend the light under-eye-gel. Simply apply and gently pat it in. Both products contain essential oils which could react on sensitive skin. 

 Lip Balm   under eye gel

Clay mask: This clay mask with essential oils will be the right support during the rainy season as anything creamy is too oily. This mask is super fast, as it is all ready to apply and barely takes any time. It will leave your skin glowing and with a feeling of being super clean.

Clay Mask

Face Lightening Serum: The combination of this product is quite powerful. The grape seed oil will treat acne and restores the collagen for an anti-aging effect. The almond oil will gently moisturize and soften while the water extract will soothe the redness, regenerates and reduces spots. Apply it after cleaning in the morning and evening, only a thin layer is necessary.

Face Lighting Serum

We would be curious to know your skin care routine for the rainy season. Please let us know in the comment section your tips and tricks.