Meet Auroville: Divya

Where in India are you from? How would you say it has shaped who you are today?
I come from Uttar Pradesh - UP. I have Punjabi parents who migrated from Punjab. It has definitely shaped who I am, because I’ve grown from the Hindi heartline I would say (laughs). And it gives me a perspective of northern India which I wouldn’t have had otherwise, because all my life, after my studies I’ve lived in other places.

When did you first come to Auroville?
The very first time I came was in 1996, and since then I kept on coming back because the place really attracted me and I found it very appealing - very interesting. I was in Bombay at the time, so it was a contrast to my life in Bombay - I found it difficult to resist.

What made you stay in Auroville, finally?
I think it was the sense of freedom, that irresistible sense I always got when I visited Auroville, again in contrast to my career and professional life in Bombay. So..I stayed here first as an experiment and then I stayed on!

What is your profession?
I am professionally educated in the studies of management, and that’s what I was doing when I first came here. But since then I’ve done all sorts of things ranging from administration to finance and governance, and I continue to do so in whichever way I can in Auroville.

What does a typical day look like for you?
My typical day is quite busy - but it’s busy with a variety of activities from taking care of my daughter to work to some extracurriculars like yoga, eating out, meeting friends. So, it has a huge diversity, my day is full different aspects which overlap in a small community like ours but it’s always interesting.

How would you say Auroville has changed since you came here?
How Auroville has changed? Auroville has developed a lot since I came, which was almost 20 years ago. In the last five years I’ve seen a huge influx of younger and very interesting and talented people who are coming and joining Auroville, or working as volunteers or coming as guests and sharing their work. I’m seeing a huge march towards new technologies and research areas opening up in Auroville being tried at small levels. For a city of 2700 residents there are so many new things happening, much more than before, both culturally and artistically

What is your favourite spot in Auroville? Why?
I have a few, but I think my favourite is the Matrimandir Gardens - the Banyan tree. It’s just a very beautiful space, you go there and it’s always cool, refreshing, calm. It gives you a sense of space

Living in Auroville means to you....
Fullfilling my life destiny! (laughs)