Book Review: Made in Auroville, India

I was on my way home when I first opened this book and was immediately intrigued. I considered sitting down in the red earth and reading through the whole thing but resisted the temptation.

This is a novel about a young woman who came to Auroville a lot earlier than I did, back in the 70s when Auroville was nothing but barren red ground and two trees. The book is starts off with Lysiane Delambre’s struggles with living on the plateau and gives a lot of insight into the life of Auroville’s early settlers. I myself knew very little about it and was surprised to find out all that they were up against.

It was funny to see that some things, like the length of meetings, never changed!

The book has a Agatha Christie feel to it, which I personally enjoy (except when characters speak some French: I can’t read French). I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a peek into Auroville’s past.

I must warn you that, as it is a novel, it does not have to be historically accurate. I asked around and most of it does seem to be true but I always read it with skepticism.

Will you be reading more?

I will not however, reveal the ending. You will just have to find out!

Have you read any other books that feature Auroville’s origins? Let me know down below with a comment or check out another book review from Luise!