The Birthday Bonfire

Every year has been the same story so far. On the evening before the bonfire I just decide not to switch on the alarm but to trust that the universe will wake me if I am meant to go. I have not missed one until now. 

After the struggle of actually getting up at 4 AM in complete darkness and silence, the cold air on the motorbike rushing through my face always wakes me up. The villages are still sleeping at that time but the closer you get to the Matrimanir the more people on bikes, cycles and foot you see. Everyone looks sleepy but a sense of excitement can be felt. After finding a parking spot, which can be a huge challenge, you find yourself moving with the crowd towards the Amphitheater. Everything lies in complete darkness; the little spotlight on the Matrimandir makes the golden soul slightly visible. 


After finding a spot far away from the photo corner I sit down in my crossed leg position and gasp the energy that is filling the air around me. After listening to some inspirational words the fire is lit, the huge flame fills the night light and the cracking of the dry wood is all that you can hear. This is a truly magical moment! 

Sometimes the warmth of the fire reaches me, hugging me an making me feel warm and comfortable in the night. 

After the flame lowers, the sun slowly rises and Auroville is one year older. The Matrimandir and the beautifully arranged flower mandalas in the Amphitheater become visible. People are slowly starting to wake up, opening their eyes after their meditation and acknowledging the beauty of the moment. Then there is a truly unique and warm scene, showing the love that is present in Auroville. Everywhere you will see people hugging and embracing, sharing silent laughter. All of this happens every year without a big fuss or enforcement. 

Ampthitheater Auroville

Finally we celebrate not only our home but each other, our spirit, the people making Auroville possible and keeping it alive every single day. This is a beautiful experience to be part of and I am grateful that the universe woke me up again this year! 

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