Birthday Week

February is our month of celebration, when the so-called "birthday week" is taking place from the 21st (Mother's birthday) until the 28th (Auroville's birthday). During this week the schools are closed and Auroville is packed with tourists and visitors, here to experience the magnificent and truly unique athmosphere of the bonfire, at the Matrimandir Amphitheater. 

The birthday week has no real impact whatsoever on the regular life of Aurovilians. There is no cake with candles but simply more events, for this is one of the peaks of tourism in Auroville's year. Most Aurovillians simply acknowledge the fact that their home just turned one year older, some celebrate it by visiting the bonfire and birthday meditation that is happening on these two occasions. 

In case you find yourself present in Auroville during this time of the year, give the bonfire a go and make sure not to miss the schedule events. For more details be sure to visit rad the most recent edition of Auroville's News and Notes.