Meet Auroville: Kiran the founder of Dream Studio

I am meeting Kiran Kamal, fashion designer born and raised in Kerala, at her home in Auroville. She started creating beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces about a year ago, all crafted with her own hands and lots of patience.

The first time I met her was about two years ago, through some friends, and over time we became close friends, even working together on a project with another Auroville Unit. Meeting her for a coffee, watching her work and listening to the inspiring story of her brand, to her dreams and motivation, is a beautiful new experience. So many new sides unfold.

How did Dream Studio come to be?

I studied Fashion Design, so what I am doing is my passion. It has always been in the back of my head to start my own thing. After five years of working and learning in Auromode I felt it was time.

Take me through your design process. What inspires you to make new pieces?

My main motivation is to make unique pieces with the material I use, which is glass and metal at the moment. I often create a piece, let it sit, change, wait and change again until I am satisfied. My aim is that people see the work that goes into the pieces, the handmade and unique aspect is very important.  

 What does a typical day look like?

I always plan what I want to achieve during the day, for example today is bead bracelet day. After lunch I often do paper work, social media, online research, visiting the shops and so on. But most of my time goes into production.

 What kind of crowd do you see wearing Dream Studio?

I see young women wearing my collection, girls who haven’t lost their freedom and spirit, who dare to stand out and have fun!

 What are some of the challenges owning your own business?

My biggest challenge is the number roles that I am covering. I am the designer, producer, marketing department, stock keeper, quality controller, purchasing team, packaging department and paper work person. So I need to do all of this and still need to find the time to create new things.

(Laughing) Obviously I love it.

 How did you get into Fashion Design?

Ever since I was a kid, I was convinced that I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. I simply loved the idea to create new pieces that people would like and wear. For me the work that designers are doing is art, I always was fascinated and inspired by this type of art.

Who are your fashion icons?

There are several. I love Alexander McQueen for being a complete rebel with an incredible imagination and out of the box thinking. Then there is Sabyasachi, who uses the traditional Indian motives and puts them in a new way like no one else has before. There are of course many more but to sum it up I am inspired by people who have brought fashion towards art.

 How does your environment inspire you?

Auroville inspires me again and again to create something that manifests beauty, perfection and consciousness. Furthermore Auroville gives me the freedom and support that I need to create my own path. I am crafting beautiful things and I am doing this in a beautiful surrounding.

 What do you do in your downtime?

I am in a capoeira group, I have to admit with training four times a week one can call me addicted. I love spending my time with friends, cooking and reading fantasy novels. Somehow I am into worlds with magic and superpowers.

 What is next for Kiran Kamal and Dream Studio?

Next is definitely a garment collection. Before that though my goal is to expand into other regions like Bangalore, Chennai and Kerala. 

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