Why Do We Want To Be Constantly Happy?

We are sharing with you some inspiration on the question 'why do we want to be constantly happy?'. Gratefulness is a powerful energy and needed especially in challenging times like this.  We hope that we can help you to see the small beautiful things that you have in your life already.
We are sending you love and hope from Auroville - to wherever you might be. 

Why do we want to be constantly happy?

For us happiness is often something that lies in the far future (when we take the six weeks of holiday, when we are less stressed, when we are not tired for a change). The truth is that happiness lies in the small things, in the small moments. You will realize this once you take the time to write them down.

The small things

It is often the small things that fill us with gratefulness. This feeling is not only good, it also has positive effects on your overall being some scientific studies found. It is proven, for example, that grateful people act more caring, kind and honest. They are also more respectful towards others. Robert Emmons, professor for psychology at the University of California and expert for gratefulness says: ‘Gratefulness brings us energy. It gives your life meaning as it defines life itself as a gift.’ You concentrate on what you have rather than what you don’t have. That will bring you happiness and in tough times something to hold on to.

Week 1
Beautiful sentences that I heard this week.
Something that tasted very good.
Something nice in the news.

Week 2
Something beautiful that I experienced out of the blue.
I am excited for…

Week 3
Think about a happy moment this week. Describe the experience as a photograph or scene (I see, I hear…)
Something I was afraid of but did anyway.

Week 4
The biggest positive surprise this week.
A song that lightens my mood.

Week 5
This worked well this week.