Love Your Water

Chia seeds, collagen, unpronounceable superfoods – every week there seems to be a new thing to add to ones beauty cupboard. What about the super substance that makes plants grow and rinses away impurities?  No we are not talking about a brand new miracle brand but the good old H2O. It has been in existence since over 5 billion years and it makes 60% of our body. Water means life and it is essential especially in summer to stay hydrated.

What is it?
Water is viral to every living thing – 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Since our bodies are roughly 60% water it plays a key role in the function of our bodies. When we are properly hydrated it reflects on our smooth skin, supporting the immune system providing mental clarity and helping to feel more energized.

Why is it important?
We usually start feel thirsty when just 2-3% dehydrated and we can lose up to 10% hydration during workouts – this might sound small but if to properly replaced mental clarity and performance can suffer. Unfortunately sipping plain water doesn’t always do the job. All natural occurring electrolytes and mineral compounds are being filtered out and things like fluoride and chlorine appear, which means that the water passes right though you. It is those electrolytes that do most of the work, this is why athletes drink all these fancy special waters.

How to stay hydrated?
The good news is that it is relatively easy to support hydration, even if it is heavily filtered. If you know your water is impure, which is the case for most tap waters in India, or treated with chlorine you might want to consider investing into a good water filter like the one from AquaDyn. If you find yourself feeling thirsty even when covering the minimum of 2 liters per day try to add a squeeze of lemon and a fine pinch of Himalayan salt to your glass or bottle of water. Those two are good sources of electrolytes and they help to support the water hydration power naturally. Only use bottled water if absolutely necessary if you really have no alternative. Think of the floating plastic rug in the ocean that has the size of Texas.  

How are you pepping up your water? We are curious to know!