Awareness Through the Body

“Awareness Through the Body” (ATB), started in the schools of Auroville in July 1992. What was intended as a program to improve the children's posture quickly evolved to provide children with help developing their capacity for attention, concentration and relaxation, while enhancing their ability for self-awareness and their sense of responsibility.

Over the years “Awareness Through the Body” has become a way towards a more conscious and fulfilling life for both children and adults. Through a wide variety of exercises and games, Awareness through the Body offers individuals opportunities to get to know themselves better, to explore the complexity of their being, and find ways to integrate and harmonize this complexity around their inmost centre.

Over time, ideas and exercises from a wide variety of disciplines have been added and adapted to the ATB work, and many new exercises developed. The activities ATB offers are creative and often fun.

The program works by first bringing the individual into the witness attitude where he/she can better listen, without judging or analyzing, to the many stimuli he/she is continuously receiving from both his inner and outer world. Later, through the diverse and varied explorations, the individual can find his/her own way to better manage his being.

The ATB program has been an integral part of the school’s curriculum in Auroville for over 22 years. It is currently implemented in 3 kindergartens and 5 primary schools. There are also teachers in other countries implementing the exercises and work style of ATB in their classrooms.

ATB is regularly offered to groups of adults, teachers, therapists, and people interested in self-growth, here in Auroville as well as in various places around the world.

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