Tea Bag Box


Presenting beautifully crafted, hand-thrown ceramic tea bag boxes. Each piece is made on foot-powered potter's wheel with hand prepared the clay and is entirely hand-decorated with four different signature glazes from Mantra.

Mantra is an Auroville unit, dedicated to promoting the ceramic craftwork and developing skill among the local folk for more than 25 years now.

Colour: Blue /Flower

Material Used: Stoneware clay + Food safe, High Temp Glaze

Dishwasher safe: Yes

Microwave safe: Yes

Eco Friendly: Yes

Product Information: In general we fire at high temperatures using feldspathic glazes which are completely food safe. The pots are classified as stoneware and are strong and sturdy. However, they are breakable. The choices of materials we work with are both non toxic to users and workers and are also safe in the environment.

Care Instructions: Our pots are best washed by hand or in a dish washer. However care should be taken that they are not knocked against others or against the sinks or taps. They are breakable and only require a wash with soap or mild detergents for basic cleaning. They can go into a microwave oven as well. It's best to ensure that they are not cracked before microwave. This can be done by tapping with a spoon and listening to the sound. A dry normal pot will have a ring, whereas a cracked one will sound dull.

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Ships in: Usually ships in 3-4 weeks
Manufacturer Mantra Pottery
Country of Origin India
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