Plant a Tree Cards (Set of 4)


In the first of this range of educational cards, Shradhanjali brings you the viable seeds of four trees: Red Sandalwood / Adenanthera Pavonina, Flamboyant / Delonix Regia, Copper Pod / Peltophorum Pterocorpum, Indian Laburnum / Cassia Fistula. Lend an active hand in greening the planet and conserving its amazing variety by planting a tree.

The profit of this card will go towards planting indigenous trees. Each card is individually handcrafted. 

Flowers personify the radiant joy and beauty of nature, symbolic of its aspiration towards the Light. Shradhanjali tries to capture and preserve the unique loveliness of each grass, leaf and flower in our intricate worked pressed flower range. The paper is hand made from recycled cotton, enhanced with natural fibers like straw, gunny or wool. Flowers are organically grown, then handpicked and pressed each day. It comes in a set of four cards with envelopes, gift wrapped with a ribbon in a set.

Size: 11.7 x 16.5 cm

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