Oat Crunchies
Oat Crunchies Oat Crunchies

Oat Crunchies

Tamarind Bakery

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Wheat-free wholesome and nutty muesli bars with a chocolatey bite.

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Weight: 4 Pcs - 200gms ; 8 pcs - 400gms

Ingredients: oats, jowar flour, dried coconut, mixed seeds, almonds, cashews, raisins, organic brown sugar, chocolate, egg

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an inspiration that began in the classroom


As a language teacher in The Learning Community in Auroville, I was searching for a way to take English out of the classroom and into a real-life context. A love of children, language and baking merged to form the Baking English project, where learning is alive and spontaneous, through practical, hands-on work. 

And then came the bakery….

The classes brought inspiration to experiment with diverse recipes of wholesome and homely cakes and cookies, as well as recipes catering to different dietary needs, such as veganism and gluten-free diets, using mostly whole grains, brown sugars and local, organic ingredients, wherever possible. 

We are happy to offer you a range of hand-crafted bakes, born of our wood-fired ovens deep in the forest of Auroville. Our products are free of any additives, preservatives and artificial food colorings. 

For more information on Tamarind’s range of bakes, see our facebook page www.facebook.com/tamarindbakes/

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