Death doesn’t exist


Death doesn't exist
Mira Alfassa, the Mother

Mother’s talks on death and her views on how to deal with death are helpful and often plain and simple.
Even before Mirra discovered the teaching of the Cosmic Movement, she had ‘certain experiences at night, certain types of nightly activities, caring for people who had just left their body.’ Although still lacking the theoretical knowledge, she knew exactly what had to be done, and did it… ‘Every night at the same hour, my work consisted in constructing between the purely terrestrial atmosphere and the psychic atmosphere a sort of path of protection across the vital, so that people wouldn’t have to pass through it. For those who are conscious but don’t have the knowledge, it’s a very difficult passage, it’s infernal. I was preparing this path - it must have been around 1903 or 1904, I don’t exactly remember - and working at it for months and months.
But people are so ignorant! They make such a fuss over death as if it were the end – this word ‘death’ is so absurd! I see it as simply passing from one house into another or from one room to another; you take one simple step, you cross the threshold, and there you are on the other side – and then you come back.


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