INAUGURATION of AUROVILLE - Concept and Purpose


The book is a treasure-trove of fascinating historic photos, mostly in black and white, illustrating everything from early preparations at the site for the ceremony up to and including the actual event on 28th February 1968. In support of the many photos, a considerable number of which has never been seen before outside the Archives, there are also texts with the Mother's early visions for the township, the aims and ideals She wants Auroville to achieve, and of course everything concerning the day itself and the lead-up to it. Furthermore, there are also a considerable number of interesting interviews with those who took part, including some of today's Aurovilians. Their memories of that historic day greatly enrich the book, bringing in personal touches, observations and experiences that have never before been openly shared with other than close friends or fellow participants.

The contributions of people like Roger Anger, Paolo Tomasi, Manoj Das Gupta, Udar Pinto, Prem Malik, Kireet Joshi, Manju Jhunjhunwalla, Kalya (Michel) Lemaire, Maurice Shukla, Vincenzo Maiolini, Tapas Bhatt, Frederick Buxloh, Gerard Cruz, Poppo Pingel and others - especially Kiran Poddar, whose father Navajata played a key role at the time - all combine to portray an occasion unique in the history of the world, when, as one participant put it, "We were (actually) creating the 'New' world", a day on which as another put it, "The atmosphere was vibrating", as Mother poured Her force into every detail of the event.

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