Breakfast Table - Floral Design


This beautifully handcrafted breakfast table is a great companion for lazy sunday morning in bed! Lay back and enjoy your breakfast served on this delicate floral design table!  

Flowers represent the radiant joy and beauty of nature, symbolic of its aspiration towards the light. At Shradenjali we try to capture and preserve the unique quality of each flower, grass or leaf in our intricately worked pressed flower range.


Height: 25cm

Length: 52cm

Width: 36cm


All steps of the manufacturing process, from the growing of plants, to the plucking, drying, decorative pasting and final packaging, are done by hand, using ecologically friendly methods. Our products are made out of handmade paper, which is processed by recycling cotton rags with other natural fibers.

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Manufacturer Shradhanjali
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