Natural Essential Oils

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The synergetic combination of Pure Aromatherapy Essential Oils aims to nourish and uplift the subtle level of mind, body, and spirit. The eight blended oils extracted from flowers, fruits, leaves, stalks, woods, roots, and resins are a magnificent gift of nature and also a powerful concentrate of energy and vitality. They can be used in the preparation of specific massage oils, be poured into the bathtub or room diffuser, or be used in any other way suggested for aromatherapy.

Content: 10 ml

How to use -

Massage: Massage is the most common method of application and among the most pleasant of experiences. It effectively helps the skin to absorb the oils, facilitating their action. We recommend a dilution of 2.5% equal to about 12 drops of pure essential oil in 25 ml of vegetal base oil. But for the treatment of children, only 2-3 drops should be used.

Room Diffuser: Add 3-6 drops of pure essential oil or blend oil to water, then place the water in the container of the room diffusor. Light the candle for 10 minutes, allowing the aroma to spread into the atmosphere.

Kindly note: the essential oils are versatile and effective dilution is needed for the skin.

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Country of Origin India
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