Blocks 25 Pieces


These handmade wooden blocks from the Auroville Unit Worktree will open up the world of imagination in building and playing!

Let your little ones explore creativity with learning about balance, symmetry, geometry and gravity. Block play also stimulates spatial thinking, as well as it develops logic skills, problem-solving, visual-spatial ability, creativity, fine motor skills, cooperative skills, language acquisition and sensory awareness.

Playing with these natural blocks will not only bring fun to the whole family but also improve your child’s hand-eye coordination and give them plenty of exercises to strengthen logical thinking skills.

Box size: 25 x 21 x 4 cm

Contains: 25 pieces of different shapes.

Material: Made out of Wood Acacia Auriculiformis.

Worktree is a unit in Auroville dedicated to crafting natural wooden homeware and toys handmade from locally sourced wood from sustainable forests.

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