Our story

Founded in Auroville, South India, in 2005 Auroville.com still remains up until now the only webshop selling products made in Auroville by more than thirty Units. The style and quality and of course the stories behind every single product reflects the way of life in the universal city and its goals as a whole.

We see ourselves as one of the windows of Auroville towards the world. We are committed to offering our customers signature products and an unmatched service.

When it comes to the products we are offering, it’s the stories behind them that inspire us. These stories are woven into the details in every one of them and of course in our way of work. We have a very strong bond with our community and suppliers. We are moved by their stories of each and every one of them – the people and their mission, who are all working for making a change.

A substantial part of our profits is used to further the development of Auroville.