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Space-tuning deepens contemplation, freedom, and joy. It opens life into spaces of wonder and insight. Wind Chimes are musical instruments, played invisibly by the touch of air, catching the breath of the wind. From time immemorial, they have always called the attention of the listening soul and moved the inspiration on the wings of the wind. SVARAM offers a conceptually and practically matured range of wind chimes in different materials, sizes, and compositions. Each wind chime is designed for the best clarity of tone and resonance.

The selection of tunings is a result of many years of research in the fields of sound, musicology, consciousness, and healing. We are working with diverse metals and their symbolic planetary correspondences, and have chosen a series of five carefully tuned models - Akash, Vayu, Agni, Jala, and Prithvi. They create a variety of atmospheres and deep resonance which find application in the harmonization of Vastu related field energies.

Variation: 6 bar

Material: Alu-Alloy


  • Wind Chime Air 1/2" - Height 65 cm
  • Wind Chime Air 3/4" - Height 79 cm
  • Wind Chime Air 1" - Height 85 cm


  • Wind Chime Air 1/2" - 68 x 12 cm
  • Wind Chime Air 3/4" - 87 x 16 cm
  • Wind Chime Air 1" - 95 x 20cm
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Country of Origin India
Manufacturer Svaram
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