The Maps of Being (Two Charts for Spiritual Studies)


The Maps of Being is actually a set of two charts, Depths of Being which is a co-centric map of Self and its projections in Nature and Heights of Being which refers to the great ladder of Existence, various subtle planes and their corresponding centres in us. Both the maps have been designed, fully based on the writings of Sri Aurobindo and are meant as a help for studying spiritual texts.

The designer Ashesh Joshi from Auroville is a long term student of Sri Aurobindo.

This chart, containing a set of two maps is meant to be used as an aid while studying spiritual texts, philosophy etc. and especially, while reading Sri Aurobindo. It makes a great gift amongst spiritual friends. It can be framed and kept on the reading table or hanged in the Study or it can be simply folded and kept in the books! A thin coat of protective film is applied on both sides of the cards to shield them from dust and water.

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Country of Origin India
Manufacturer Aurobelle
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