Swinging Chimes 6 Bar


This pioneering musical instrument is one of SVARAM's NEW WAVES innovation based on harmonic, just intonation Shruti tunings on C 256 Hertz. The Chime can be swung gently, rotated, traversed, looped, swayed around and over the body and create an immediately 'touching' experience of the magic of spherical sound in its layered consistency and its wholesome harmonizing effect.

Swinging Chimes 6 Bar comes with a mallet.

Variation: 6 bar

Size: 3/4"

Specifics: Elemental

Material: Aluminium


  • Length: 26 cm 
  • Breadth: 50 cm 
  • Height: 3 cm


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Country of Origin India
Manufacturer Svaram
Ships in: Usually ships in 10 days
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