Natural Pulse Point Rollon

Natural Pulse Point Rollon


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Ideal for Purse or Pocket this natual pulse point roll is blended with natural essential oils and has a wonderful light fragrance. Apply behind ears, on temples, wrists or other pulse points.

Fragrances Available

Lavender: Essential oil in a water base helps to elieve fatigue andefeshes while removing muscula tension.

Rose Absolute: Essential oil in a oil base helps to uplift the spiit while gently soothing away anxiety and stress

Jasmine Absolute:Essential oil in a oil base helps to wamly reassuring and bolsters confidence and optimism

SandalwoodEssential oil in a oil base helps to calm and center the mind encouraging peace and tranquility

Weight: 9ml

Contains: 5% concentrate of 100% natural essential oil

Ships in: Ships in India within a week. Ships outside India in 2 weeks.


The flame in the heart, sparked by a need to create beautiful products of quality, that are manufactured with care, has grown into an interesting and challenging commercial venture. At Maroma, business is not done ‘as usual’, but with an increasing awareness and sensitivity towards the local and global environment, and towards the needs of Auroville.

Only adults, mostly women, are employed from the local villages.
Priorities include: a clean and pleasant work atmosphere, health care facilities, hygiene programs, savings schemes and nutritional snacks among other things.
45% of Maroma’s net profits are turned over to the development of Auroville and the surrounding villages.
The fragrances of Maroma comply with the guidelines of IFRA.

But what matters most is how things are done; the conscious intention behind each and every detail – for, at Maroma, work is our love and a personal way to focus and grow with the visionary aims of Auroville. For a recent article about Maroma published in The Hindu newspaper,  click here.


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