Pick it Up – A fun game on recycling
Pick it Up – A fun game on recycling Pick it Up – A fun game on recycling

Pick it Up – A fun game on recycling

Auroville Publications

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Pick It Up is a fun and educational card game designed and developed in Auroville. Based on the popular ‘Go Fish’ card game, Pick It Up aims to spread awareness on waste separation and recycling in a fun and interactive way. It exercises memory and concentration skills while teaching players which waste items can be easily recycled through the Indian informal sector. These lessons are a win-win situation for people and the planet. Play Pick it Up with your friends and family, in school or on holiday! With 4 game variations, there is sure to be a version that everyone enjoys! Pick it Up because less pollution is the best solution!

Pick It Up is available in Tamil-English and Hindi-English.

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Pick It Up is available in Tamil-English and Hindi-English, 49 Playing Cards in 2 languages

Printed on Japanese 100% recyclable polypropylene BPA free & Phalate free non-toxic plastic. Waterproof & durable.

Ages 7+

2-5 players

Developed & designed by the social enterprise WasteLess in Auroville.

How to Play Pick It Up consists of a set 35 cards that form 7 different categories of waste (metal, plastic, paper, glass, organic, e-waste and non-recyclables). The aim of the game is to collect as many complete categories of waste as possible; whoever collects the most sets wins. Each category of waste consists of 5 cards. For example in the category of paper the 5 cards are white paper, newspaper, cardboard, magazines and other paper. These paper waste items can easily be sold as recyclables to a scrap dealer anywhere in India. There are question & answer cards, which can be used to play a variation of the game. Here you learn interesting facts and information about different products you use and throw away every day. The game is good for the planet and your pocket. It teaches you how to make cash from your trash, help conserve resources and reduce pollution. It’s a great way to help empower your children to change the world!

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