Our Mission


For us, offering you products means much more than simply being an online store. It goes beyond great products for you, it is meant to encompass the greater good. Whether you want to make a conscious choice, or simply are curious, we offer a place where products are connected to values, people and visions.

Our core values reflect what is truly important to us as a Unit of Auroville. These are not values that change from time to time; they are the foundation that our company culture stands on.

1. All the products that we offer are manufactured, crafted and grown in Auroville.

2. Our customers are our most important stakeholders in our business. To satisfy and delight them is most important to us.

3. We are a community project and therefore auroville.com is not owned by a few persons or investors who want to maximize their gains. The Auroville Online Store is managed by Aurovilians, however they are not the owners.

4. The profits of auroville.com are used to realize the International Township of Auroville, therefore auroville.com is a non-profit organization. We serve and support our local community, which is aiming to realize human unity, at all times.

5. We are personally tied to our community which we proudly call home as well as our suppliers, who are our neighbors, friends and acquaintances.  They are our partners to make the experimental city of Auroville flourish, to realize dreams and visions and to provide the highest quality possible to our customers.

6. We believe in sustainable products that are socially responsible and environmental friendly manufactured.  We see the necessity for environmental awareness and protection so that the earth continues to flourish for generations to come.  

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