N95 Aire Mask

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These long-term protective mask guards against air pollutants, bacteria, and some common viruses.

This is an advanced respiratory device with high efficient filtering, FFP2, equivalent to N95. The filter is a composite of nanoparticles of 95%, as well as nano-fiber membranes in seven distinct layers. It acts as a physical barrier to air pollutant particles, bacteria, a common virus, molds, and pollen.

Available sizes:

  • Large: + 65 Kg body weight,
  • Medium: less than 65 Kg of body weight

Material Components:

  • Non-woven microfiber outer layer 
  • Woven microfiber inner layer
  • Aluminum nose wire 
  • Nanofiber PP filtering textile
  • Latex-free spandex trim and ear loops
Filter capacity:  FFP2/N95 

Protection against: 

  • Smog caused due to smoke, moisture, and pollution in the air.
  • Smog swine flu
  • Air allergens, pollen, mold 
  • Asthma

Care Instructions: 

Boil filtered water and stop the fire. Immerse the mask in the boiled water. After 20 seconds, remove the mask and dry it in the sun if possible or Gentle hand wash with soap. 

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